How To Study In Belgium As An International Student

Studying abroad is a great idea if you’re looking to explore a new country and spend some time away from home. There are so many great universities to choose from, so why Belgium? Brussels is actually one of the most multicultural cities in Europe and is a great place to choose if you wish to

Where to study in Belgium

When considering studying in Belgium, you will find surprisingly many and diverse opportunities. This small country has great and unique things to offer, take for example its history. If you enjoy studying history, for instance, Belgium is a place where a lot of battles have been fought, this eventful past provides for a diverse culture.

Exploring Belgium by Boat

Although most visitors to Belgium tend to arrive by plane these days, sailing is a great way to travel to the country. Of course, the pace of travel is sure to be slower, but this only gives visitors more time to soak up the scenery along the way. Albeit small in size, Belgium contains a

Getting to Know Ostend

Located 110 km northwest of Brussels, Ostend combines a fascinating history with a thriving modern culture. The city boasts sandy beaches, a casino, racetrack, art museums, good shopping, and some great seafood, making it a popular destination for holidaymakers. Additionally, Ostend is a busy ferry port, receiving regular ferries from the UK. Most flights go

Leisure Options in Liege

The Belgian city of Liege has superb monuments and a rich history. Liege’s nickname is ‘La Cité Ardente’ (the Passionate City). It has many museums and churches, as well as a laid-back but vibrant nightlife. Brussels International Airport is the closest airport, offering regular flights from cities around the world. By car from Brussels, take

Discover the Rich History of Brugge

Brugge is Europe’s best preserved medieval city and Belgium’s most visited tourist area. The city’s entire historic center has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Trains arrive every hour from Brussels, Antwerp, and Ghent, as well as the North Sea ports of Ostend and Zeebrugge.The Journey time is about one hour by

Why It’s Best to Be in Brussels

Brussels is home to the headquarters of the EU and is a major center for international relations, industry, and trade. It also boasts some fabulous historical sites, grand buildings and, of course, plenty of famous Belgium beer. Brussels is divided into two areas known as the Lower and Upper Towns. The Lower Town is home

Discover Art and History in Antwerp

Antwerp is a pleasant Belgian city – delightful to stroll around in the daytime and a good place to relax with a beer in the evening. The city has many excellent examples of Gothic and baroque architecture, a well-preserved medieval core and some magnificent artwork. Additionally, Antwerp is famous for being the diamond centre of

An Insight into the History of Belgium

Belgium has, for centuries, been the battleground of its warring neighbors. Originally conquered by German tribes, the locals converted to Christianity in the 7th century and settled into relative prosperity under the French Duke of Burgundy during the 14th century. The Golden Age saw a flourishing of art, and cloth trading in the Flemish towns

An Overview of Belgium

Though modest in size, Belgium is an interesting country boasting historical cities, as well as good food and fine beers, historical cities and diverse culture. Additionally, the excellent skiing and scenic hiking trails provide excellent ways to enjoy the outdoors. The cosmopolitan capital of Brussels is dominated by a pentagon of boulevards called the Petit