How To Study In Belgium As An International Student

Studying abroad is a great idea if you’re looking to explore a new country and spend some time away from home. There are so many great universities to choose from, so why Belgium? Brussels is actually one of the most multicultural cities in Europe and is a great place to choose if you wish to explore Europe too! You’ll be able to travel to Germany, France and the Netherlands very easily as they’re so close, meaning not only will you explore Belgium but possibly many other places too, making it one of the best options if you’re looking to study abroad.

shutterstock_319175864Well, where to start?

Luckily, with us being part of the EU, you currently do not need a Visa to study in Belgium. If you are a Student from the EU, you will most likely need to 1) be enrolled at an approved university or school 2) have enough income or savings to be able to provide for yourself without needing income support, this would mean possibly finding part time work or getting other funding and finally 3) have health insurance. Once you have all those sorted you are well on your way to be able to study in Belgium, be it a Fashion Degree, a bachelor in history or something else.

Studying abroad is a good idea

So as you can see, studying abroad isn’t impossible and can actually benefit your studies in many ways. Belgium is a great place to do those studies as the standard of living is high but the cost is low, which is ideal if you’re looking to do this on a tight budget. There might also be many ways to save money with student discounts, so you might find it’s cheaper than you think. Being able to say that you have studied abroad is not only great on your CV but will also allow you to meet people from all over the world.