Is Belgium a Good Place to Live?

Moving to a new country, especially one you know little about, can be scary. It is also a very exciting and life changing experience. You might be considering if it is easier to just stay living where you are, in a place you already know, or to seriously think about moving to somewhere completely different. If you want to follow a dream, then moving to Belgium would currently be a good option as we are still part of the EU. However, this may change soon. You will find some good reasons why you should take the chance and move, listed below.

shutterstock_220665910Belgium has so much to offer

If you’re someone that loves travelling around and exploring then Belgium might be the place for you. Belgium is situated in between France, Germany, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. This means that you will have all those wonderful places to go and see whilst you are living there. You might also find yourself learning 3 languages, as most people speak Dutch, French or German as well as English. Belgium also provides lots of entertainment, a rich cultural heritage, many museums and a beautiful beach If you are thinking about studying there, it is the perfect environment for your Bachelor in History or any degree course.

So are you ready to move?

There are a few things you will need before you are ready to move. As mentioned earlier, you will not need a Visa to live in Belgium but you will need a valid passport. You also need to carry some form of identification with you at all times. Once you have arrived you will need to register at the local town hall within 8 days of your arrival. Before you depart you must also check what form of health insurance is available to you, as you will not automatically be insured. There are many great websites you can check for information, so that you have all the details you need.