Discover Art and History in Antwerp

Antwerp is a pleasant Belgian city – delightful to stroll around in the daytime and a good place to relax with a beer in the evening. The city has many excellent examples of Gothic and baroque architecture, a well-preserved medieval core and some magnificent artwork. Additionally, Antwerp is famous for being the diamond centre of

An Insight into the History of Belgium

Belgium has, for centuries, been the battleground of its warring neighbors. Originally conquered by German tribes, the locals converted to Christianity in the 7th century and settled into relative prosperity under the French Duke of Burgundy during the 14th century. The Golden Age saw a flourishing of art, and cloth trading in the Flemish towns

An Overview of Belgium

Though modest in size, Belgium is an interesting country boasting historical cities, as well as good food and fine beers, historical cities and diverse culture. Additionally, the excellent skiing and scenic hiking trails provide excellent ways to enjoy the outdoors. The cosmopolitan capital of Brussels is dominated by a pentagon of boulevards called the Petit